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Theme Ideas for Kids Rooms

Each category has endless possibilities and variations.

“A fun exercise when trying to come up with something original is to combine
2 themes – like “Kitten Ballerina’s”, “Alphabet Train”, or “The Cows of the Round Table”

Girls Themes:

Princess / Castle
Fairy tales (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Red Shoes, etc.)
Angels or Putti / Cherubs
Fairies, Elves & Other Mythical Creatures like Unicorns
Flowers: Daisies, Roses, Poppies, Wild Flowers and Mixed Flower themes
Tea Party: cups, saucers, etc.
Gardens / Garden Party / Enchanted Garden
Doll House
Ballerina / Gymnast
Dress Up
Ruffles & Lace
Patchwork Quilt / Country
Mock Clothesline
Toys (teddy bears, dolls, etc.)
Strawberries & Creme
Color Theme: stick to tones of one color like all pinks or all purples, etc.
Collectibles (whatever you child collects like Troll Dolls)
Gingerbread House
Animal Prints
Popular TV characters for girls: Powerpuff Girls, Wonder Woman, etc.

Boy’s Themes:

Knights / Castles / Dragons
Cars / Racing
Trains / Train Station (antique or new)
Boat / Ship / Docks
Space / Rockets
Planes (antique or new)
Sports Themes (Baseball, Soccer, etc.)
Tree house
Yellow Cab
Firehouse / Fireman
Collectibles (whatever you child collects)
Color Theme: all blues or all purples, etc.
Wild West / Cowboys
Construction / Building
Camping / Rustic Cabin
Popular TV characters for boys: Speed Racer, Sponge Bob, Transformers

Non-Gender Themes:

Amusement Park / Carousel Horses
Jungle / Rain Forest
Barnyard Animals
Alphabet or Numbers
Domestic Animals (cats & dogs)
Woodland Forest / Forest Animals (bunnies, deer, skunks, raccoons, etc.)
Pond (ducks, frogs, lilypads)
Beach / Underwater Ocean Themes
Celestial Designs
Circus / Big Top
Geographic Themes (France, Ireland, etc.)
Maps (real and imaginary)
Nursery Rhymes / Fables
Sky / Sun / Clouds
Candy, Cookies or Cake Themes
Game Show
Pastoral Scenes
Hot Air Balloon
Big City / Skyscrapers
Wizards / Magic
Birds / birdhouse
Religious themes (Noah Ark)
Shapes: plaids, circles, etc
The Theater
Musicians / Musical Instruments
Color Themes: Patriotic, Black & White, etc.
Party Theme (confetti, balloons)
North Pole / Penguins
Picket Fences
Retro (50’s 60’s etc.)
Popular TV characters that appeal to both girls and boys: Scooby Doo, Elmo, Blues Clues, Wizard of Oz, etc.